Best DSLR camera under 30,000 in India

Are you looking for the best DSLR camera that cost less than 30,000 rupees in India? if this is a concern of yours you have come to the correct place. After a long and arduous search for the greatest and best DSLR camera under 30,000 in India. the one that stood out the most is Canon EOS 3000D DSLR camera. Canon are actually trying to break a new price barrier in this regard. In many ways the entry level cameras are extremely important to grab because this is the first time a consumer or beginner puts his or her hand on the product for the first time, and it somehow becomes a specific mental choice of the consumer, because first impression is the last impression, and it matters the most because that’s how you associate brands with your mind and in the camera department Canon should definitely get an applause for giving such a marvelous piece in this price bracket in this era. they’re basically trying to create a new space for a consumer. Canon website’s literature is also very simple they’re basically targeting all the consumers and all the users who basically want to upgrade from a smartphone or smart devices ,who are used to taking a lot of pictures from their phone to an experience which will be towards a DSLR. The best camera for beginners offers both automatic and manual settings, however to be honest, almost every camera, including more advanced enthusiast cameras, has them. If you’re just starting out in your creative profession, you might not want to invest too much money until you are sure photography is right for you. Don’t be concerned that a low-cost DSLR or mirrorless camera won’t suffice; they’re all far more capable than cellphones or point-and-shoot cameras. You’ll be astounded by what they can accomplish. The most important thing is to purchase a DSLR or mirrorless camera. They may appear intimidating, but they aren’t, and interchangeable lens cameras like these are the key to unlocking the full potential of photography. A good camera has become a necessity in the same way that a good phone has and finding out the best DSLR camera under 30,000 in India is a quite a task itself. The best camera for beginners should be easy to use for anyone who is still learning about photography, have interchangeable lenses, and be affordable! Canon EOS 3000D camera the best DSLR camera under 30,000 in India proved good for both beginners and professionals with having 4.4 / 5 rating from worldwide customers . Canon EOS 3000D took crown of the best camera under 30,000 in India. let’s talk about the features that we are getting .


  • CMOS 18 MP sensor
  • Auto 100 to 12800 ISO
  • Rechargeable 410 shots battery
  • 18 MP effective resolution
  • DIGIC 4 plus processor model
  • 22.3 * 4.9 MM inch size W× H
  • External flash/ flash exposure compensation
  • 17 mm flash range
  • Indeed with all these features and numerous more Canon EOS 3000D camera proved itself the best camera under 30,000 in India. Whether a hobby or for serious business the best DSLR camera under 30,000 in India Canon EOS 3000D connect all. One of the best feature of it is that it connects directly to the phone and Pc so the user is able to see everything. The camera sees while you film as well as adjust the zoom or any other setting without having a problem to go back and forth for from the camera. Exceptional value for becoming the best DSLR camera under 30,000 in India


    Being sold along with a kit lens 1855 lens for a 24-25k on all online shopping apps. it’s quite light and compact made with polycarbonate body that covers the camera. An advantage why? because even if you have the shoulder strap on hand carried along, it won’t be a lot of weight all the time. One of the major pros of this best DSLR camera under 30,000 in India is the connectivity best for social media users who wanted to quickly share their pictures on social media. you can harness the power of speed and precision for a more varied and agile performance. With the introduction of an optimized operating scheme, outstanding design meets cutting-edge operability. With a sturdy body and smooth connectivity for even more ease, adapt to any shooting condition. In budget cameras specially as compared to other camera, Canon EOS 3000D is proving itself to be the best DSLR camera under 30,000 which gives you the option of connectivity. In competitors market the Canon EOS 3000 supports the 14 by draw image that is given on the camera so that if you are professional photographer you can get a lot of details from the capture that are preserved there and that you can use them and edit them later any professional software. The company that offers the Best Camera under 30,000 in India, Canon has created a Feature Guide for newcomers that walks them through the various modes. It’s quite helpful in determining which mode is best for shooting the scene. the kit lens for this review and mostly shot in Intelligent Auto and Creative Auto modes, with a few images in manual mode thrown in for good measure. The UI also has a Creative Filters option, which allows you to add effects like grainy B/W, soft focus, and so on. The Best Camera under 30,000 in India The Canon 3000D has good focusing speed and, while the shutter speed isn’t the fastest, it’ll suffice. The continuous shooting option, which can record three shots in a second, is no different.


    <br The plastic body makes up the body which refrains it from giving a vintage look and feel. It can be easily scratched ,might not be able to give the premium feel. It’s not a touch screen which of course cannot be expected in this price range. Another con is the mode dial itself has on and off button while trying to switch between different setting it’s inevitable to not to switch off camera then the biggest camera comes with the EYFS. mount a bit again compromises of plastic making it fragile but price does the complete justice to it. The Canon EOS 3000 the is a feature rich DSLR that offers practically all of the features that Canon EOS series is known for at the reasonable price. The camera features are DIGIC 4+ image processor and 18 MP APS – C- CMOS sensor. Even in low light circumstances the sensor can capture in a flight and information to produce high quality photographs with accurate colors in good contrast and minimal noise the camera is fairly to operate and the accompanying handbook is well worth reading if this is your first DSLR. Canon EOS 3000 is over packed with all the attributes that a beginner just commencing of their photography journey would ever need and it’s one of the best if not the best option for all the beginners out there so if you have been wanting to go into advanced photography but aren’t sure which DSLR to get this in depth study of the Best DSLR under 30,000 in India which is Canon EOS 3000 will help you make an educated selection.


A DSLR camera may last up to eight hours if used properly, but if you shoot images continuously, your DSLR camera can last up to three hours.
Out your shooting needs consider your budget determine the weight you are willing to carry.
There is no one-size-fits-all DSLR model; the optimal one for you will be determined by your priorities.
When it comes to video, the Canon EOS 3000D can record 1080p footage at 25 frames per second. The quality is mediocre at best, as the shooter has trouble locking focus, even when the camera is maintained motionless.
With an 18-megapixel sensor, the 3000D is a new addition to the series and should be considered the cheaper option. This one has a 24.1-megapixel APS-C sensor and can capture 2160p films at 24 frames per second, 1080p at 60 frames per second, and 720p slow-motion footage at 120 frames per second.
Starting with the basics, the Canon EOS 3000D has an 18MP CMOS sensor and a DIGIC 4+ processor to handle all the math. JPEG and RAW image formats are standard, but this camera also includes a 9-point autofocus (AF) system that may be used manually or automatically.
There is no microphone input, so if you’re recording video, you’ll have to rely on the camera’s audio or use an external mic connected to your computer or phone.
EF lenses from Canon (including EF-S lenses) EF-M lenses are not included (35mm-equivalent angle of view is that of a lens with approx. 1.6x the focal length indicated.)
It’s a terrific camera for the money that takes amazing photographs and is easy to use. It’s a great place to start for any amateur photographer who wants to get into photography.

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